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Mind over Matter March 24, 2010

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During the beginning, Lefty was a ‘player’ type of guy. However as you read on his opinion seemed to change. Lefty has a very high expectations in girls and after realizing that he isn’t interested in any other girl besides his very own sister Desdemona. After finding his true feelings for his sister he begins fin excuses for them to be together. At one point he even begins to call her cousin so it doesn’t seem to be as weird. The only problem was that Desdemona fought her feeling towards her brother more than Lefty did. At one point in the book Lefty tries to get closer to his sister and attempts to put his arm around her but she moves away. When Lefty realizes that she is more hesitant about being together we walks away, “He was angry with Desdemona for rebuffing him and he was angry at himself for being angry at her, because he knew she was right.” (49). At this point in time Lefty’s mind is all over the place. He is trying to fight his feelings towards his sister but there is something that won’t let him stop.

When they later finally admit to their feelings towards each other and get married they know that they must hide that they are brother and sister. There doesn’t seem that there has ever been a time where marrying your sister or even any family member has been acceptable so if they wanted to be socially accepted, they needed to hide their biggest secret.

Fighting your feelings towards someone or something can be the hardest thing to do. No matter what the circumstances it is practically impossible to get rid of those voices inside your head. In Lefty’s case, he did his best to fight his feelings towards Desdemona until the voices inside his head finally took over.

Many experts say that incest is a very damaging thing. When two related people change their relationship from family to a sexual one it can ruin a family. If that relationship goes wrong, then it can possibly tear apart the family leaving the two people with nothing. (Mayer)

Personally I understand when it is hard to fight your feelings towards something, however you can’t always show these feeling no matter how strong they are. An example I can think of is if your friend breaks up with this girl who you have always had a thing for. There is almost like an unwritten guy code saying that you cannot go after a girl that your friend has had previous relations with, no matter what. So in the case of Lefty and Desdemona, I feel that no matter how strong their feelings were towards each other, they should of tried to fight these feelings.  Incest has never seemed to be accepted in any society, so in order to be accepted, you need to stay away from relationships like that especially because it could ruin your family.

**I would possibly like to use some of this blog in my final essay.


Mayer, Adele. (1985). Sexual Abuse: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment of Incestuous and Pedophilic Acts. Holmes Beach, FL: Learning Publications.

-Jordan Houtby


7 Responses to “Mind over Matter”

  1. This whole brother and sister thing/third cousin is confusing, i can’t believe this guy/women is apart of Oprah’s book club. Kidding. But its a pretty interesting book and Lefty is quite the character.

    kevin cunningham

  2. I agree with your whole ‘having to not show your feelings sometimes’ thing. It shows that the psychological pressure that these people were under gave them ‘weak personalities’, so to speak, and prevented them from being able to hold back feelings.

    – Jake Morse

  3. I also agree with the not being able to show your feelings point. Yeah incest is wrong but in their eyes it really wasnt cause they were in love. Its extremly messed up and they had to deal with it!
    -Geri Gabrielson

  4. It was interesting, weird, but interesting to see how he did change. He was a player, going from girl to girl, but no one seemed to match his expectations. He had based his wants and needs on his sister and nobody matched up to her. This isn’t everyday stuff, but in a way it is kinda sweet. He idealized his sister. He just took it a little too far.
    -Arielle K.

  5. I agree with the whole fighting your feelings for someone. Sometimes it seems you just cant get over the fact that is who you are supposed to be with.
    tyler staruch

  6. I definite;y agree that Lefty is confusing. He did give off the picky vibe when it came to girls later on. Incest is a major and weird situation… but I guess they thought they were the exception.

    Lori E. Allan

  7. I like this whole thing, Jordan. You can definitely use it. You also managed to analyze AND research. Good job.

    ~Jenna G.

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