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Traditional Roles March 24, 2010

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Every human creates a status for themselves which influences the roles they carry out.  A status can simply be interpreted as a social position that somebody claims, and a role regards the behaviors that the status influences. Statuses and roles have evolved throughout history but some have remained as a consistent pattern. Marriage is an example of a consistent pattern found in the history of humans, which creates a new status for a couple. The status that someone attains when they become married entices specific behaviors to maintain a level of integrity. The book Middlesex  by JefferyEugenides, includes a story that drastically changes the roles and status of two people.

This story displays how cultures differ, and what a specific married couple do in order to avoid deviance. The married couple were originally third cousins and were raised practically as brother and sister. In the village they were raised, it wasn’t abnormal to marry a third cousin, and it was accepted by their society/culture. However, the couple decides to leave their village in attempt to  avoid a war coming their way, right after they confessed their love for one another. When they left their village they ended up as refugees and took drastic measures to forget their genetic connection by avoiding each other whenever possible. “But it wasn’t the other travelers they were trying to fool; it was themselves” (Jeffery Eugenides 68). The couple were going to a new land were society perceived their relationship as a deviant behavior, so they practically made new identities. They attained new statuses and roles when they married, and manipulated their life stories to be accepted into a new culture. It is common for values and beliefs to vary throughout cultures and sometimes it forces people adapt by any means.

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6 Responses to “Traditional Roles”

  1. I agree that it is socially unacceptable to marry someone who is related to you. However, I may of understood the book wrong but I thought that the two were brother and sister and also third cousins.

    -Jordan Houtby

  2. I really dont know, this book is all over the place at times, but either way they got some family relation.

    -kevin cunningham

  3. They were third cousins too. But that doesn’t make the whole situation any better anyways lol But your post was interesting kevin
    -Geri Gabrielson

  4. Your post was well written. I especially liked the ending.

    ~Alexandria V.

  5. Kevin, I thought your blog is very good. I agree with you on the fact that sometimes one thing that people do is socially accepted in one culture but then in another culture it would be considered not socially accepted. I feel like with the issue of marrying your blood relative should not be socially accepted anywhere because of the problems it can cause the unborn child. Thats all i have to say on that:)

    -Brittany Cifka

  6. Hey Kevin. Hopefully we cleared up the brother/sister thing in class? But I ran over it pretty quickly so if not, let me know and we can talk about it more. In your first paragraph it would help if you were more specific, I think. You are definitely on the right track and I understand what you are going for, just explain what you’re trying to say a little further. Otherwise, this is a good post.

    ~Jenna G.

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