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lacking in nature and nurture March 25, 2010

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It is interesting as to how many similarities Cal and the grandmother already seem to have with each other in Book One of the novel. Cal briefly explains his previous battles with himself and his identity, while he goes into detail of his grandmothers past. Both seem to be very much influenced by both their nature, and when I use the word nature I simply mean cultural influences, and the way they were raised. In Desdemona’s and Lefty’s case, they went to great lengths to make their case of incest as culturally acceptable and hidden as possible. Both Desdemona and Lefty tried to justify their love for each other when there is no justification. Losing both of their parents at a young age, as well living in such a small town, Desdemona and Lefty seemed to live without the influences of a culture in which to follow or even  conforming to general beliefs and family practices.  WIthout either of these influences, they really only had each other to justify their incest to as they “tried to defamiliarize themselves with each other” in order to not only please the people on board with them but more so to make their actions seem more justifiable as they lied to each other, taking turns ” reciting Homeric geneologies, full of falsifications and borrowings from real life” (Eugenides 79).  Its sad that without proper guidance from either their culture or family, that these kids were able to invent these “fictional relatives” in order to help them view each other as potential lovers as opposed to the truth, siblings.

Nick Vecellio


3 Responses to “lacking in nature and nurture”

  1. Eh, I sound like a creep for argueing their case 24/7 right now. xD


    With all due respect Mister Vecellio,
    I don’t see who died and made you boss.
    I mean really now, where do you get off calling their situation sad? Not that loosing your parents and getting almost burned to death and yada yada isn’t sad. But their is nothign sad about love. Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a happy thing.

    Now I am done being a creep. =]

    A. Borkowski

  2. OK, Nick. Point taken. EXCEPT that when you say “nature” in the beginning, the way that you use it, “cultural influences” actually is the definition for the opposite: nurture. Nature = biological impulses. And make sure to take A.B.’s comment with the humor that I’m sure it was intended. 🙂

    ~Jenna G.

  3. Humor was very much intended. =]

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