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You’re gorgeous, and my sister March 25, 2010

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First off, i do have to say that although this is possibly the weirdest book ive ever read, i find in so interesting.  The elements in this book are so unfamiliar to my life yet it sucks me in because i want to know more.  Obviously i was quite thrown about the whole hermaphrodite thing, but more than that, the relationship her and her brother have is so twisted but so understandable.  Just as in their culture, it would be looked so down upon if we were to see each other as more than just siblings. I dont have a brother, but i can only imagine how close we would be if i did.  Im sure he would know me better than almost anyone and for that i would love him.  So i completely understand how Desdemona and Lefty fall in love, but it seems so surreal to me.  Especially when they sleep together for the first time and he watches her undress, i admit i was alone and reading it made me feel uncomfortable lol. i cant imagine doing anything like that. But then again, they are not thinking about that, they are trying to make a new start and see themselves in a different way. “Desdemona saw herself through new eyes, her thin waist, her plump thighs; she felt beautiful, desirable, most of all: not herself”(Eugenides 70).  That quote perfectly describes how they try to shed their old lives to build new ones. They both know that they want to be together, so they create a totally new story to make their own fairytale.  Its very moving, if you ask me.  Not that i necessarily agree with it, but nonethelss.



2 Responses to “You’re gorgeous, and my sister”

  1. I find this book to be very weird as well. As soon as I read these blogs and talked about it amongst others, it really becomes more clear.

    Kristen Danyal

  2. Good post, Breanna. I THINK that later on in the book, you will find things that are easier to identify with. And…if you have immigrant grandparents, think of the similarities there. But I also hope that Kristen’s comment is true for everyone.

    ~Jenna G.

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