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The issues of family secrets March 29, 2010

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As a young adult there are a lot of struggles when finding your identity, during this time of life young adults are discovering who they are, what they are interested in, and what they want to do with their lives. They spend the first few years of their lives trying to discover themselves by exploring many pastimes and hobbies. While, exploring their interest, they soon discover certain strengths and talents that they did not think they have. As adulthood begins, they are faced with a lot of trials and errors in their life due to lack of experience in dealing with the world. However, issues with identity might take a while for some due to personal issues as discussed in the novel Middlesex. Some adults might find it difficult to cope with who they are as a result of family secrets and may feel like they do not belong. In the novel, the main character Cal, discuss the issues of biology vs. culture as he face, concerning who he is. “I was born twice, first as a baby girl on remarkable smog less Detroit day in January of 1960: and then again, as a teenage boy: in an emergency room near Petoskey Michigan in August of 1974(Eugenides 3),Cal describes himself as an intersex person who grew up as a girl but, indentify himself as a male. Cal grew up like a normal child in a loving family but, face a problem with his gender due to a certain secret of his family past. While discovering himself, he has to deal with his gender deficiency, due to the union of his grandparents, who are siblings as well as third cousins. It is very hard for him to deal with because society has negative views on incest relationships and intersex individuals.He is forced to feel like a misfit because of his biological being as a result of being different. As you notice in the book, Cal has trouble maintianig close friendships with individuals outside his family because, he does not want people to know who he is. He figures if he does not have a close with others, he does not have to fear rejection Because of Desdemona and Lefty relationships and sexual encounters, caused genetic deficiencies to be passed down form one generation to the next, effecting their gandson. DMMullen


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