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The family wheel April 6, 2010

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In Book Two of Middlesex, Eugenides seems to make many connections to the Stephanides family. He uses their new way of life in the city to form many descriptions of what  life would have been lie for many of Detroits residents. The Stephanides family had experienced many hardships both upon leaving their life in a small village and coming to the city. Lefty’s insistance to keep three seperate and overlapping insuranceson his Zebra room is a good example of how they had been through so many hard ships that they had began to prepare for the absolute worst case scenario, no matter how far fetched it might be. The younger generation of Milton hadn’t ” lived through a fire” and therefore didnt “know what happens” (Eugenides 208). Much like how Detroit was when Lefty had just arrived. Detroit was such a young town with so much promise and potential, yet it had not prepared itself for the worse case scenario of losing the power and population given to them by the car company, the destruction of the riots or the poverty of the depression.

Euginides also draws some similarities to Cal’s family tree and Detroit. In the begining of BOOK Two he describes the overview of the city as ” half a hubcap of city plaza with the spokes of Bagley, Washington, Broadway, and Madison radiating from it” (Eugenides 86). Similar to the circular shape of the city, Cal seems to describe his family in almost the same way. HE explains how cousins are more than cousins, Aunts are more blood related than an aunt traditionally would be. Cal gives his description of his family tree in a way that makes it almost equally shaped as his previous description of the city. It just keeps going around, with very little branching out.

Nick Vecellio


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  1. Very good, Nick. I think your post contains some astute observations.

    ~Jenna G.

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