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Another piece to the Machine April 6, 2010

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It seems that when people think of America they think that everything there is perfect, but they do not know exactly what to expect. In the case of Lefty and Desdemona, they had no idea what to expect when they moved to Detroit. The village that they came from was a very simple place where they knew everyone, and now they are in a huge city they know nothing about full of strangers. They were amazed by all of the new things that they saw there, such as the automobiles. However, Detroit was missing something that their old village had, individualism. When Lefty and Desdemona began their new lives in Detroit they became just another couple living in the city. One good example of this was when Lefty arrived at the Rouge for the first time, “Lefty saw other streetcars letting off other workers, hundreds and hundreds of gray figures trudging across the paved courtyard toward the factory gates” (94). That mass amount of people was no longer seen as individuals, they were seen as a blog of people who looked to be all the same, almost like machines. So once Lefty and Desdemona came to America, they lost everything that made them unique and just became part of the pack. When you think about it, there are factories just like the Rouge plant all over North America that will suck the personality of everyone who works in them. I guess you could say that in North America, people are not unique; they are just another piece to the machine that can be replaced faster than a blink of an eye.

-Jordan Houtby


2 Responses to “Another piece to the Machine”

  1. I like how you expand on the Rouge quote, and explain the dehumanization of detroit. I think it is a very important part to understand. A. Borkowski

  2. OK, Jordan. Nice post.

    ~Jenna G.

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