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book2:another look April 6, 2010

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“Everyone who builds a factory builds a temple”,Calvin Coolidge(Eugenides 79). This statement was broken down during the selection of book 2. It simply means that anything that is made or created has had a meaning or a passion behind it.  I feel this quote sums up the entire feeling of Detroit. Detroit is a temple that was built and that has been continuosly  overlooked. The change and oppurtunity is there its just as if the city stays in a spot of no recovery where there is always room for. As though it is broken down when there is obviously alot of oppurtunity at hand. Division is also very controversial in the way that detroit is looked at. It is seperated by the people. Like in book two when cal felt more in common with a city that he felt was divided. The city just so happened to be in relation to detroit. Back then detroit had so many oppurtunities that no one knew about. Like factories stores, it was never abandoned like it is now. Some even find it amazing that the city was once a place that people loved to come to.

-Brittany M. Thomas


3 Responses to “book2:another look”

  1. OK, Brittany. Good quote to look at, but your post is too short (193 words, not 250). You can add some onto this by tomorrow for full credit or leave it for a deduction.

    If you want to add on to it, I might ask you this: why does this quote specifically talk about factories? For example, something that is “made” could be made by hand or by, let’s say, a child. But something made in a factory has a different meaning behind it. What?

    ~Jenna G.

  2. Also, I don’t have any comments for you, Brittany. You can comment, then email me the links to the comments by tomorrow for credit or take the second deduction.


  3. Nice points here. Detroit must have been so nice to live in back when it was booming. But I don’t think that nobody knew about the oppurtunities; ain’t that why people moved here?

    -Jeffrey Senecal

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