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Detroit April 6, 2010

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On page 95 in Middlesex, the author comments on our society as a machine. “…we’ve all inherited it to some degree, so that we plug right into joysticks and remotes, to repetitive motions of a hundred kinds.”  This is obviously portrayed in the novel with the vivid description of the assembly line work, with every single component timed to the second. If one person  messes up the line, the entire line stops. The machine aspect is even showed outside the factory, where all the ford employees are assimilated and inspected to fit what their employer thinks is the proper lifestyle. If the key parts of the machine are not living the same, the machine again is not as effective.

Are we still like this in todays society? we dont have people coming to our homes inspecting us and shaming us for having a fly in the house, yet we do seem to have standards in how we live. Normal eating times, designated rooms for certain activities, and customs. We also have our daily routines and habits. We all watch television and go to video games for entertainment.  But i dont think this is from the machinery of the factory. I think we just naturally do what we are comfortable, and routines  are comfortable to us as humans. We are machines with or without the Fordism. We have our way of doing things, and that itself is machine like. But maybe we do have people inspecting our house and approving how we live, but they arent from Ford. When we have company over, we always make the house spotless, hiding imperfections and making sure everything is normal. So in a way its not really being a machine, its being normal.

Tyler Staruch


One Response to “Detroit”

  1. This was really interesting, Tyler. Good work. I wonder about the comparison between then and now? With the internet and video games, couldn’t we make an argument for the fact that we are even more machine-like today? Or doesn’t that hold up?

    ~Jenna G.

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