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Detroit..The Great City it once was.. April 6, 2010

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Within the novel there are many different sections examining history and comparing it to the present that once was during the time of the story. The aspect of book two in contrast with Detroit that I found to be most interesting was the bright light in which the city was presented. On page 88 Cal explains “In those days downtown Detroit was filled with shoppers and businessmen. Outside Hudson’s Department Store the crowd was ten thick, jostling to get in the newfangled revolving doors.” This brief description reminds me of so many other places that I have been whether in other states or simply other cities within Michigan, but not Detroit. The majority of downtown is seen as a slum, filled with slight attractions such as Cobo Hall and the Tigers stadium, along with homeless citizens and abadoned buildings left standing from our city’s troubled past. Sourmelina goes on listing sights like restaurants, shops, and theatres but not many of these places seem to be evident today. I believe that Detroit is filled with history and attractions that are overlooked by the more unattractive things that have given the city a bad name. A mayor concerned more about his own personal gain over the city’s, criminals that lurk the streets waiting for trouble, school closings and burnt down homes left for drugs and terror. Each of these things have taken place in a small, gradual period of time and the city will need much help to recover. The description of what once was Detroit is very interesting and good to see, but I also think that those of us who are here now must do what we can to make Detroit the attractive place it once was and proceed towards a brighter future.

Raymond L.


2 Responses to “Detroit..The Great City it once was..”

  1. Those were the days. Now when i think of detroit the only things that immeadiatly come to mind are school and potholes. Its a shame

    Nick Vecellio

  2. Nice post, Ray. I wonder what you make of a post like Jake’s that points out the parts of Detroit that were always bad?

    ~Jenna G.

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