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Human no more April 6, 2010

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“Historical fact: people stopped being human in 1913″(Eugenides 95). Once the city started using the assembly line, everyones sense of uniqueness was totally eliminated. They were not able to really ecpress their opinion or talk about things that really mattered to them. They had no choice but to follow what they were being told to do because their fear of losing their jobs overcame everything else.  Its disheartening to know that they were basically treated just like the pieces of machinery, they had no say in anything and were expected to work on a clock. That was all that mattered.

This relates to Cal because in the same way those people were not allowed to express their true feelings about their jobs, Cal has to deal with the struggle of having characteristics of a male as well as a female.  He is not allowed to tell anyone or say anything about it because he is afraid of what people will say or think, which is a good assumption.  I could not imagine having to deal with a struggle that big and not being able to talk about it.That would be horrible to have to keep everything bottled up inside and pretend like you are someone youre not.

Both of these issues are very similiar.  Each one has a sense of secrecy and fear because everyone is afraid they will be looked down upon if they are to disobey any of the rules, whether it be the rules of their job, or the rules society has made for us.

-Breanna Perez


4 Responses to “Human no more”

  1. Yeah i used the same quote to, its very interesting, and true for the most part

    kevin cunningham

  2. Nice post, Breanna. A solid comparison.

    ~Jenna G.

  3. Also, I don’t have any comments for you. You can comment, then email me the links to the comments by tomorrow for credit or take the deduction?


  4. Nice way to tie everything together. I feel that Cal is very much separated just as Detroit is today.

    -Jeffrey Senecal

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