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The concept is the same. April 6, 2010

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When I think of Detroit now and how it was expressed in Middlesex, well I see no real change. Well, I mean a lot has obviously changed but for the most part I think the concept of Detroit has stayed the same. I think this city could still be described the same way. Detroit still has its ghettos, racism, immigrants, and factories. The city still shares the practice of numerous traditions and even has the same ideas of rebellion many face.

As far as tradition goes I think Detroit still has its families that practice the same traditions they would back home. The way Sourmelina and Desdemona were portrayed within the home, I think the same can be applied to numerous families. Just because immigrants come from all over to America doesn’t mean that they let go of their heritage. They still practice as much as they can. For instance, in my family the woman are still the ones who keep the house clean, take care of the children, and have food set on the table. That is the way Des and Lina were described (well not so much Lina but definitely Des). Also, the woman that wore headscarves in the book can still be seen in present day Detroit. I think a lot of the different heritages are still seen now as in the book.

When someone comes to America, they expect some serious change in their life. All over the city we can see men and women rebelling from their old lives. Lina, for example was no longer your average Greek girl. She was seen driving around when at the time woman were not supposed to. She wasn’t into the whole typical house wife idea. Lina was a beautiful girl who just wanted to enjoy life. I’m pretty sure the same can be said for many other people now. “Sourmelina caused a scandal when she returned from her room wearing a bright orange dress” (Eugenides 129). That was during the time that Jimmy was supposed to be dead. It was tradition that a widow wears black the rest of her life (I find that to be true in my family). But, since Lina was a rebellious woman she didn’t care.

Ok, fine I’ll admit there is some change from Detroit to now. In book 2, Cal says, “I love factories. I’m from Detroit.” I find that so interesting that Detroit was seen as a city of factories. Detroit still has its factories but they are definitely not as popular as they were back then. I don’t even know if Detroit can still be represented by its factories. I think it’s the coolest thing that all the old abandoned buildings used to be booming. The history of Detroit is definitely an interesting one. 

*I would like to use some of these ideas for my final essay, please!

Nayeli Garza.


One Response to “The concept is the same.”

  1. This definitely has final essay potential, Nayeli. I see where you’re going. Good work.

    ~Jenna G.

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