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buch drei April 12, 2010

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“It was like unwinding bandages” (319 Eugenides). Cal’s life is certainly unique . Since birth, Cal was believed to be of the female sex, however this isn’t correct. Cal holds a somewhat normal childhood, except for some significant events that occur throughout his life These accumulated experiences begging at a young age ultimately reinforce Cal’s gender. The stories of Cal’s past have effected him so greatly that he is reminded of them constantly. Before he grew a benevolent conscious that is filled with emotion, Cal goes through changes.

Cal was claimed a female at birth, but she went through physical and emotional transformations. At a young age Cal start to feel emotions for his friend Clementine Stark. When they were bathing together, they “experimented”. This event lead to Cal’s grandfather passing away, and planted a seed of mixed emotion that would grow, and change throughout his life. Once Cal started to mature he had sex with a friends brother, Jerome. Jerome,  didn’t  notice anything questionable about Cal’s sex, but Cal felt uncomfortable to say the least. Cal also feels emotions for Jerome’s sister, which further complicates  Cal’s gender. He starts to undergo changes in attempt to find his comfort level. Similar situations throughout Cal’s life eventually lead him to make his most recent transformation. His enviroment has molded his self-identity into a typical male gender, but finds it hard to hold a definite gendered position.  Everyday Cal is reminded of his true nature, which makes it hard for him to hold long-term relationships. He resort to traveling the world in attempt to outrun or “lose” his selt. These experiences are reminders that leave invisible wounds on his ego that he carries around.

Kevin cunningham


My paper is going to focus on how the different societies throughout Middlese, bring about certain behavoirs from the characters. I could use my last two blog post (not this one for book 3) because they are somewhat geared toward a sociological perspective. One of my sources is going to be “You may ask yourself” by Dalton Conely. My thesis statement is: (Society is constant shifting tide that manipulates the characters of Middlesex in many regards). I’m really not sure how to write this paper without summing up the whole story.


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  1. Cal definitely doesn’t know what to think about his past sexual experiences. I think he is more concerned about what other people think though because of his past

    tyler Staruch

  2. Blog:
    Hmmm, I like this, Kevin. I also like the German-y title. My favorite line is: “but [Cal] finds it hard to hold a definite gendered position.” This is an excellent point that not everyone sees. I also like how you went full circle with the bandages/wounds thing.

    You need to make some clarifications with what, exactly, your topic is going to be and who/what you are going to focus on. I think you have a good start here, but you need to be more specific.

    One thing that might help is defining what the different “societies” are that impact the characters. Decide which characters you want to focus on, how and by what they are impacted. You can BRIEFLY summarize the book and the premise in your intro, then afterward only use the portions of the plot that help support your thesis. If you work some of this out for your rough draft, I can help further if need be.

    ~Jenna G.

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