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Locks of Lucious Hair April 12, 2010

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Calliope feels different than the other girls. She knows that there is something not right about her body or even maybe something within her. She just thinks that it is something small, something she will grow out of (a stage). One thing Calliope doesn’t know is that the factor different about her than the other girls is something beyond her imagination. As time goes on Calliope feels like she is changing in the wrong way. “But there were virtues to my hair. It covered tinsel teeth. It covered satirical nose. It hid blemishes and, best of all, it hid me” pg. 306. This quote shows how awkward she feels within her own body. She does little things like keep her hair long to sort of hide her face, which she feels has become unattractive. This is her way to hide her true identity, this also happens later on in her life. When Calliope becomes Cal, Cal uses his suits to sort of hide his insecurities also. Calliope is a teenage girl, she feels like the challenges she is going through are happening to every girl. In some way these challenges are occurring in her female classmates also. Their bodies are changing, their hormones are raging, and they aren’t sure what is exactly supposed to happen. She has no idea who she is or even who she is suppose to become. The sex/gender issue in my opinion never plays a role into her identity. She may have changed her clothes, friends, and careers. But she always knew there was something off, once she realized that her true calling was being a boy, nothing extreme changed. She always had fantasies of girls and liked things boys liked. Obviously being raised as a girl has a little impact, but not enough to completely change her identity. I do not think his/her identity will ever  truly become clear to us.

-Geri Gabrielson


3 Responses to “Locks of Lucious Hair”

  1. I don’t Cal will be clear with his true idenitity either. Maybe its just in his idenity, and nature to be uncertain with himself.

    keivn cunningham

  2. I agree that we probably won’t find out Cal’s identity ever either. I don’t find that he’s secure enough with himself to expose his true identity with us the readers.

    Alexandria V.

  3. Interesting post, Geri. Cal may not be clear in the end, but he does say in the beginning that he feels “another re-birth” coming on. I guess that makes three?

    Also cite this way: it hid me” (306).

    ~Jenna G.

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