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Once a girl, now a boy. April 12, 2010

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When I think about Cal’s situation, I think a lot of the topic nature vs. nurture. “This was the film Dr. Luce showed to me, to tell me who I was. And who was that? Look at the screen. My mother is handing me a baby doll. I take the baby and hug it to my chest. Putting a toy bottle to the baby’s lips, I offer it milk” (Eugenides 226). That was the film that Dr. Luce used to prove his theory of gender identity. I think this shows a great relationship, again, with nature vs. nurture. Callie was treated like a girl and was taught to take on motherly persona but now that she is an adult she takes on the persona of a man. I agree that your environment has a lot to do with who you become and it’s interesting to see how Cal almost defies that theory as she grows older. She clearly resembled a girl when she was younger by her body and physical beauty. However, her attitude and personality is kind of brave like a man would be described. When the riots were going on little Callie jumped on her bike and went to go save her father. That is definitely something you would assume Chapter Eleven doing since at the time he was the man of the house. Even now when Cal is grown up she still takes on the same attitude. Grew up as a woman but the takes the personality of a man. I think Cal not knowing actually who she is deals a lot with not knowing which sex to take on. When it comes to dating she takes on the role of a man but has a hard time with it because of the “other half” of her.

Nayeli Garza.


6 Responses to “Once a girl, now a boy.”

  1. I agree… i think a lot of calliope’s teenage years she doesn’t know what to expect or exactly how she is suppose to act because she is confused
    -Geri Gabrielson

  2. I also agree, i feel that when Cal figures out what sex she actually wants to be, everything else will come natural.

    -Jordan Houtby

  3. I agree. Her search for a sex prevents her from forming and projecting an identity for herself. I like the line grew up a woman but takes the personality of a man. It shows the conflict between her natural self and the way she was raised.

    Nick Vecellio

  4. I feel like it was hard for Cal to pick what gender she really was because of the way she was brought up. Her parents tried so hard to raise her up in the girliest enviornment and so now thats all she nows how to be, and its hard for her to pick.
    -Brittany Cifka

  5. I feel like one of the hardest things for call is the n vs n situation. She was taught one thing, but feels another, and has to come to a middle ground with both.

    AKA Borkowski

  6. Nice post, Nayeli.

    I’m afraid I am going to have to slightly disagree! At least with some of your commenters. First of all, at the point of riots, Callie thinks she is a girl. She has no idea that she might be anything else. We do, but that’s a different story. Secondly, the book makes a point of saying that Chapter 11, who is completely a boy, would never do something like this.

    In MY opinion, this goes to show that girls can be brave and boys can be cowards. OR that girls can be cowards and boys can be brave. These traits don’t line up neatly with sex and gender. There are plenty of brave women out their that don’t suffer from an identity crisis, aren’t there?

    Regardless, I liked your post and the points you brought up. 🙂

    ~Jenna G.

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