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Book 3 April 13, 2010

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“Gradually, as most of the other girls in my grade began to undergo their own transformations, i began to worry less about possible accidents and more about being left behind, left out” (Eugenides 285).  This really shows the breaking point where Cal starts to really come to terms with the fact that she is never going to be like the others.  She begins to see proof that other girls are changing physically, but she cant relate to anything because she is not going through the same thing.  She starts to understand that she will always be different than everyone else, which is the last thing she wanted.  Her worst nightmare her entire life was being out of place or the odd ball out.  That is something most kids fear especially when youre going through puberty because everything is so emotional and unfamiliar.  The only difference is that Cal has been deal with this all her life, which makes it worse knowing that it will most likely never go away.  For most teenagers its a phase that passes with time, puberty never lasts forever.  But for Cal, that feeling has remained with her her entire life and it becomes apparent and very upfront at this point in the book that she does not truly have any say in what her body is doing.  That would be the worst feeling being out of control in your own body.  And on top of everything, she does not have anyone to talk to about anything so she is all alone in her own messed up world.

-Breanna Perez


4 Responses to “Book 3”

  1. This is very true for all of us, there are those phases in life that we all go through that help define who each of us are. Even though for Cal it was very different I believe that it is also very easy for one to relate to those same feelings.

    Raymond L.

  2. yes i noticed that as well that cal has no one to come to while going through the change because its almost as if he is an outsider to the world and does not know what to do with himself, which can not even be imagined

  3. OK, Breanna. Good observations. I wonder, though, if the book does in fact describe Callie struggling her whole life? Or does it seem like she coasted through childhood until adolescence? Examples would help, I think.

    ~Jenna G.

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