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Cal-Book Three April 13, 2010

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There are so many obstacles in life that so many have not even bothered to conqure. It seemed that Cal was more in depth that this was not the way that she wanted to live her life. Even in her early stages as growing up femine there was always something that made him different from the rest. Book three exhibited that from birth she was known as different, for example when the doctor examined her. “What did he see the saltwater musscle of the female genitalia, the area inflamed and swollen with hormones, he would have pulled the folds apart but he didnt because Nures Rosalee accidently touched his arm” (Eugenides 216) Infactuated by the way that this being was looked upon as some experiment goes back to book one when Cal states he was the guinea-pig for doctors. in the very beginning even Desdemona had a problem with excepting her grandchild being that she felt it was ways of the world coming to an end for the day cal was born lefty had a stroke and then during the baptism cal peed on the priest. It goes to show that many do not know how to except other people’s differences when noticed. Like a family memeber of mine was always looked down for having femine ways but as he got older and people got to know him and why he acted this way and that he was absolutely no different they began to accept the person that he was. Basically what is exhibited is that it takes people time to be accepted if anything. Lke when desdemona finally accepted cal realizing that they were more similar than different.

Esaay on identity Intending to use identity blog and more research

identity is the key to who you are no matter the difference.

Book: Middlesex

-Brittany m. thomas


2 Responses to “Cal-Book Three”

  1. Hey, Brittany. The blog post works, but the proposal doesn’t. For the proposal, you can’t use Middlesex as the source. Everyone is required to use this novel. You have to support your paper with outside research. You also need to be more specific about your blog topic and your thesis needs a lot of work.

    You have the opportunity to fix the proposal by tomorrow for a 90%.

    ~Jenna G.

  2. You can also just email me the adjustments. By tomorrow.

    ~Jenna G.

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