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Changing Bodies April 13, 2010

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Something that everyone has to deal with is their bodies changing over the years. Even though it seems that all the strange things that your body is going through, that isn’t the worst part. Your peers can be very judgemental, so what your peers think of you when your body is changing can be hard on a person. With your voice changing and your face breaking out, you can feel like an easy target to get picked on. Going through all of these changes makes everyone feel uncomfortable because we feel like we are the only ones experiencing it even though everyone is.  When Cal looked back when she went to camp and she compared her body to Jenny Simonson’s.  When she looked at her own body she saw “the flat chest, the nothing hips, the forked, mosquito-bitten legs” (283). However Jenny’s swimsuit swelled in ways like no one else’s did. Things like this can make a person very uncomfortable because even though it is something that we shouldn’t worry about. For some reason everyone worries about their look in some kind of way. When Cal compares herself to Jenny she struggles to see her identity of a girl because she looked just like everyone else, even the boys. Something people should consider when they are going through puberty is that everyone goes through changes at their own pace, and the worst thing you can do is compare yourself to someone else.

I would like to use this in my essay

-Jordan Houtby


3 Responses to “Changing Bodies”

  1. I agree with you in that people can be very judgmental of other people, especially girls. For some girls growing up its hard going through puberty because of all the awkward stages it takes you through. It must have been rough for Cal to go through all of that and have problems with her own gender.
    -Brittany Cifka

  2. It does seem worse for girls than guys going through that stage. I think guys are a lot less judgmental and have less to worry about than girls, so we seem to take it a lot easier,

    Tyler staruch

  3. This will work for your essay, Jordan, if you like. I understand the point you are making. It is interesting to note, then, that Cal DOES have much in common with your average teenager’s anxieties. The thing is, you write it is important to remember that everyone changes at their own pace. For Cal, however, no matter how long she waited, certain things weren’t going to happen. At what point does she realize this and understand that there is something different from the normal anxiety most teenagers go through?

    ~Jenna G.

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