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Essay Proposal April 13, 2010

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For the final essay, I plan on writing about topic 5. Very rough thesis: “Family has and will always play a large role in who we become. The decisions of our families will effect us in every way as we grow up; good, bad, happy, sad.” I want to reference the book Holes, and briefly talk about how Stanley’s Great-Great-Rotten-Pig Stealing-Grandfather, prior to 100 yrs, is still effecting him and his family. I think I’m going to possibly use some information from my Detroit and symbolism essays. I will also reference back a lot to Middlesex–specifically to Desdemona and Lefty and their decisions to marry and move to Detroit.

Nayeli Garza.


One Response to “Essay Proposal”

  1. This will work, Nayeli. My suggestions on your thesis are this: who is “we”? Do you mean you, Nayeli, or society, or the character in the books? I think this essay will come together nicely, but spend time crafting a thesis that can cover everything you want to talk about.

    ~Jenna G.

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