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Essay proposal. April 13, 2010

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I am going to go with option 1 for my essay. But the way I plan to go about it is as follows.

Cal believes in science for his condition.
Desdemona would say it was God’s punishment for her and Lefty’s sin.
Some would argue that it is all a part of God’s grand plan, and that He had his own reasons.

I plan on arguing science versus religion on the sexual identity and gender front. While I wont be able to give a definate answer on which one is right, I will be able to shed light on both, seeing as how I come from a very strict religious background but also happen to be in love with the sciences.

I hope this goes along with topic one well enough.

AKA Borkowski


One Response to “Essay proposal.”

  1. That is a great topic, AKAB. I think it will work out. If you get into trouble, please get a hold of me and I can help.

    (However, there were a number of other requirements for this assignment–4, actually. You can either email me the rest by tomorrow–thesis, source, old page to be used?–or suffer the consequences!)

    ~Jenna G.

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