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Final Draft Proposal April 13, 2010

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I have chosen to combine all the topics into one essay (Option 5). I plan to go about this essay talking about Detroit’s main divide in comparison with Cal’s divide within himself. I will transition that into hi process and confusion of his sex and gender. I’ll then compare how my family has shaped my identity lke Cal’s family raised him a girl and how it played a major role in his identity in his early life. I plan to put symbolism throughout my essay because there are pieces of symbolism in all the topic matters. I would like to use all my blogs (with your acceptance), my Identity/Origins essay, and possibly my Detroit essay (I haven’t decided it if will fit in or not).

Book: Early Modern Hermaphrodites: Sex and Other Stories by Ruth Gilbert

This book is about earlier hermaphrodites that we may never have known existed because it was always taken as a myth and never truth. It talks about the relationship between sex, sexuality, and gender in the early modern period.

Thesis: Jeffrey Eugenide’s novel Middlesex, touches on the most controversial issues of the past and today taking place in Detroit: Hermaphroditism and a the racial divide. These issues are similar due to the invisible barrier within the city and within a person. The symbolism throughout is presented in ways such as Hastings Street, 8 Mile, or the city of Berlin. 

~Alexandria Vintevoghel


One Response to “Final Draft Proposal”

  1. Brilliant, Alexandria. Sounds good. Just be careful about the wording and punctuation of that thesis, otherwise, sounds great.

    ~Jenna G.

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