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Maybe it’s just the way “boaters” are :) April 13, 2010

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Ok! So I used the word “boaters” in my post’s title because it’s a term people use these days to describe foreigners (at least the people I know).  All of my friends, which the most of them are Chaldean, and I  now use the word “boater” to poke  fun at our parents and their old fashion mentality.  I noticed somebody else used the quote I wanted to use, but I want to use it anyway because I found a different comparison to make when reading it.  As soon as I read it, it sparked a light bulb in my mind.  Cal says about his mother, “She never spoke openly about sex She never undressed in front of me.  She disliked dirty jokes or nudity in movies.  For his own part, Milton was unable to discuss the birds and the bees with his young daughter, and so I was left, in those years, to figure things out for myself.” (Eugenides 284). This is exactly what I mean!  According to a “boater’s” way of thinking, sex is not something to talk about.  People might say that in this day and age, people are talking about it now.  In my case, we don’t talk about it STILL!  I have never had the sex talk, I can never talk to my family about kissing a guy.  Heck! My grandma still tells me that I shouldn’t talk to my boyfriend on the phone for more than two minutes.  When I tell people I have a boyfriend, people always ask if my family knows about him.  Not only is this a known fact amongst Chaldeans, but I had straight up American friends who ask me if my brother knows about him.  I feel like I can relate to Cal about not being able to talk to your family about things like that.  I had to figure everything out on my own and a lot of it I did find out in high school from peers.  However, it was an unspoken thing among my family, that it was wrong, so I knew what to do and what not to do.  I also see this in Cal.  He knows that being a transgender is not socially accepted, even though he doesn’t talk about it to anybody, therefore he knows not to talk about it.  Overall, even though this book takes place a long time ago, I see so many similarities to situations today.

Kristen Danyal


3 Responses to “Maybe it’s just the way “boaters” are :)”

  1. I can relate to this too because my mom side of the family is very reserved so we don’t talk about anything very personal, which i have to say i dont think i agree with because i have a personality where i need to talk things out. But i can relate to this quite well

  2. I like how you used “boaters” in here! I have heard that saying before, but i never knew what it meant! thanks for clearing it up!

    -Caitlin Tefend

  3. This is good, Kristen. I like the comparison. Thanks for sharing it.

    ~Jenna G.

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