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Peer presure and identity. Hand in Hand they go. April 13, 2010

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Peer pressure, like nature and nerture, is one thing that I believe helps define us. Do we crumble when assulted with it, do we stand strong? It’s something that all of us have had to deal with, mutiple different times and on many different levels. And it’s through a late night battle with peer pressure that Cal finally realizes a part of his identity that he would have otherwise surpressed.

I’m talking about the night in the woods. With everyone drinking and smoking, Cal felt as though she too needed to fit in, and once the Object and Rex started making out, she felt the pressure to do so as well. But as she did, she began to realize that it was not Jerome whos flesh she graved, but the Objects. She began to have an out of body experience, and vicariously through Rex she acted upon her own wishes to be physical with The Object. When Jerome had finally started to do the actually deed, she realized through the pain that she was not a girl, but something in between. This thought was only fortified by her realization of “…how natural it had felt to enter Rex Reese’s body,…” ( Eugenides 375)

And although it is not an exact situation like this for some of us, we can all relate to the effects of peer pressure, and the effects it had on us as a person.

AKA Borkowski


4 Responses to “Peer presure and identity. Hand in Hand they go.”

  1. I agree that there were numerous examples that did show peer pressure through out the book. Starting with Tessie handing Cal dolls to play with.

    –sam laird

  2. Peer pressure is the devil! It is unbelievable the strength it has, I think it is one of our biggest obstacles we face in our teenage years.

    Kristen Danyal

  3. I think this is a really good example from that book that relates with us as people as well. Peer pressure can be seen in so many different forms but it is almost guaranteed that everyone will encounter it.

    Raymond L.

  4. Good points here, AKAB. I think that this scene in particular is something that many teens can relate to. And your example of peer pressure making you stronger is also an interesting one.

    ~Jenna G.

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