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Proposal April 13, 2010

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1) I am going to write my final essay on topic 2- A comparison of Detroit Portrayed in Middlesex and the real Detroit.

2) I might use some of the things that I wrote in my Book 2 Detroit Blog. I might also take some ideas from my Detroit Essay.

3) Thesis: Although the description of Detroit and the facts relating to it are very accurately recounted in Middlesex, there are a few things said about the historic city that are inaccurate or could be elaborated upon. Such as… (hopefully I’ll find some things, otherwise I have another thesis in mind).

4) I plan to use the book Detroit: A Motor City History by David Lee Poremba as a source for my writing.

-Jake Morse


2 Responses to “Proposal”

  1. Sounds good, Jake. A heads up, though: there aren’t many things in the book that are fictional with regards to Detroit. I’m sure there are some, though. Perhaps look at the Nation of Islam/Jimmy Zizmo thing? But be prepared to have to abandon the topic. As it is, however, the way that you have constructed your thesis will allow you to talk about BOTH what is accurate and what is not, which expands the number of things you can discuss, rather than limiting it to just the inaccurate.

    ~Jenna G.

  2. And, as an afterthought, what might work better is looking at the societal reactions to things and how accurate they are. For example, in Book 3, Cal’s family looks at the Detroit Riots of ’67 and thinks they are ridiculous. You COULD potentially go back and show how they were, in fact, serious and that African Americans had serious complaints during that time period. Something like that might work. Or, as another example, Desdemona thinks that the riot is just Smyrna. In many ways it was, but there are also many crucial differences.

    ~Jenna G.

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