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Proposal April 13, 2010

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1-  Topic Number 2.  Comparing Detroit and Middlesex but in a way that there are many underlying similarities between Detroit and the issues the characters in Middlesex face.

2- I would like to use excerpts from my Detroit Essay, and my Detroit:People:Genes Blog

3- In a very figurative way, there are many parallels between the issues faced in Middlesex and Detroit.  By examining parts of the book, it is ironic how similar the problems that the characters in Middlesex face and the state of Detroit are.

4- Poremba, David Lee, Detroit: A Motor City History, Arcadia Pub, 2003. Print.

5-  So far, I haven’t gotten far enough to have any problems.  I’m sure there will be soon though!

Kristen Danyal


One Response to “Proposal”

  1. Sounds good so far, Kristen. Your thesis could probably use a little tweaking, though. What are some of the parallels? Why is this ironic? And why, do you think, the author chose to parallel the characters and the city? Or what is the overall affect of such a thing?

    Answering some of these questions for yourself can help you make your thesis more specific. Of course, this might not happen until you’ve written your paper.

    ~Jenna G.

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