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Proposal April 13, 2010

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For my final paper I am doing topic number 2 about Detroit, and how it relates to Middlesex. I am planning on using my blog post from Book 2, since it had much to do about comparing detroit and middle sex. I also plan on using my Detroit essay that we wrote for class. I was thinking about the thesis, and I thought of a rough one. “Middlesex vividly explained the city of Detroit, and also the character of Cal; little did they know the two are very alike in many ways.” Something along those lines. I wasn’t sure if we had to just use a journal article or if we could use an internet source? but I am going to use the book History of Detroit and Wayne county and early michigan: a chronological Cyclopedia of the past and the present.

This is the Source 🙂

-Caitlin Tefend

Farmer, Silas, and Silas Farmer. History of Detroit and Wayne County and Early Michigan: a Chronological Cyclopedia of the past and Present. Detroit: Gale Research, 1969. Print.

One Response to “Proposal”

  1. Hi, Caitlin. You have to have at least a book or a journal article. You CAN use internet sources, as long as you have one of those.

    This idea sounds good, but you need to strength your thesis a little. Right now, it is not yet worthy of the material you’ve already written about the topic.

    (If I were to pick apart the thesis, for example: how is Detroit “explained” beyond merely being the setting for the novel? Likewise, is Cal “explained”? In what ways are they alike and what is the overall affect of this similarity?)

    ~Jenna G.

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