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Proposal April 13, 2010

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1. The essay topic i have chosen is the 5th one which talks about all of the topics we have discussed throughout the semester and combining them into one essay.

2. I will be using the information in some of the previous blogs we have posted, as well as expanding of some of the ideas in my detroit paper and the symbolism paper.

3. If anyone has any suggestions i am all ears and would appreciate the help, but for my thesis im thinking something along the lines of  “There are various elements of every individuals life that help mold them into their own unique person.  Reguardless if they are negative or positive elements, they play a significant part in the making of a person. In the novel, Middlesex, by Jeffery Eugenides, Cal’s family, society, and her family history are important elements that create the person she is.”

4. I was thinking about using the novel Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli to show the similarities of two characters that society may look down on them and how Stargirl deals with it.


2 Responses to “Proposal”

  1. forgot my name lol
    -Breanna Perez

  2. This will work, Breanna. I was nervous about the “elements” at first, but then you got specific with your thesis. I would say that the middle sentence there could either be eliminated or condensed/combined with the first sentence. Also, if you plan to use the other novel to a large degree, incorporate that into your thesis, as well.

    ~Jenna G.

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