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Proposal- Final Essay April 13, 2010

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Raymond Lynem III

Jenna Gerds

English 131

13 April 2010


            The essay topic that I have chosen to write on is number 5, in which I will use material from both the Identity Narrative and also our essay about the city of Detroit. I plan to use sentences from the introductory paragraphs in each and also the second paragraph from my Detroit essay along with the beginning of the third paragraph in my Identity Narrative. I am not completely sure about my thesis statement but I want to use something that incorporates each different aspect into one. It will look like this “History is different for each individual; it can help to shape a person’s future while it also makes someone who they are today, Cal’s identity was formed by these ideas and experiences that history brought into his life.” I want to use an article titled “Theory Uncompromised by Practicality”: Hybridity in Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex” by Debra Shostak in order to bring about different ideas of identity and gender.

Raymond L.


One Response to “Proposal- Final Essay”

  1. This sounds good, Ray. I’ve read that article, it is a good one. However, if the whole thing does not work for your paper, you can always just use bits and pieces of the article.

    Also, I think your thesis needs to be more specific. I think you really just need the last part, “Cal’s identity was formed by these ideas and experiences that history brought into his life”. The part before that is too general. Then, tell me WHAT ideas and experiences (or what type, anyway) and also tell me what you mean by “history”. Are we talking global, since the beginning of time history? Are we talking Greek history or family history?

    ~Jenna G.

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