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Proposal April 13, 2010

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I propose that I will write my final essay.

1) I will do my essay on topic number two: Comparing Detroit from the portrayal in Middlesex to research on the city of Detroit.

2) I will consider using my Detroit essay for usage in my final paper.

3)Thesis Statement: The city of Detroit and the semi-fictional version of Detroit portrayed in the book Middlesex are very closely related and do not have very many differences at all. Middlesex provides the reader with a very realistic view on the history of Detroit.

4) I plan on using the book This is Detroit, 1701-2001 by Arthur M. Woodford. I will most likely base a portion of my research off this book.

5) N/A

-Jeffrey Senecal


One Response to “Proposal”

  1. This all sounds good, Jeffrey. My only issue would be with your thesis. It is fine, in and of itself, but it doesn’t not leave you much room to work. In other words, basically you will pick events from the book and say how they are real. And that’s it. Is there something you could add to your thesis to make the concept a little more complex? Maybe try to answer why the author decided to make the facts so real, what effect is has. Or what opinion of Detroit does Middlesex have to offer the reader and how is that reinforced by the historical information? Know what I mean? If you have trouble, get a hold of me.

    ~Jenna G.

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