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el libro quatro April 19, 2010

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A series of events throughout the generations of the Stephanides family has resulted in a rare occurence. Cal, who is the youngest member of the Stephanides family has a unique condition. He is a hermaphrodite and lives a conformed childhood as a girl. At the age of 14 he realizes what his true nature is, and runs away. Eventually Cal returns home as a boy, and reintroduces himself to immediate family. When Cal reveals his new self to Desmonada, some critical facts are unearthed. Desmonda confesses the truth about her marriage by stating, “Not third cousin. Also brother” (Eugenides 527). She is referring to her husband Lefty, who came from the same mother and father that she did. Desmonda mentions earlier that it is common for relatives to marry one another in her home village, however it can result in birth defects. Since Lefty and Desmonda both carry the gene that leads to sexual organ disorders at birth, their kids are at greater risks to initiate that gene. It also is proven that incest can greatly increase the chance of birth defects. With further, watered down incest in the Stephanides second generation, that gene is finally initiated when Cal is born. Although this is a very brief layout the Stephanides past generations, it pertinent to Cal’s life.  It is obvious to say that the actions of previous family generations have contributed to Cal’s rare anatomy. If incest hadn’t occurred in the Stephanides family, the probability of that gene to initiate would decrease. Major aspects of Cal’s life are subtly, and strongly connected to his previous generations.

kevin cunningham


3 Responses to “el libro quatro”

  1. I like how you state that it was like bound to happen because it was in the family’s genes from past generations sorta forming Cal’s anatomy
    -Geri Gabrielson

  2. i think that this connection that he discovers is what makes his personal relationships that much stronger with his family

    Nick Vecellio

  3. Yes, Kevin. Nice post. It is his family that influences him not only biologically but culturally through the generations.

    ~Jenna G.

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