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Family- a strong bond April 19, 2010

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No matter what the situation is, your family is always there to support you. In Middlesex it still works the same way. Cal situation is not something that the average family has to go through when they are raising a child; however they know it is their duty to help Cal through this hard time. Cal’s parents did not care what he was; they cared more about having him around and making him happy. In Cal’s eyes, she didn’t understand why her parents want to help the monster that she was. At one point she thought “her parents knew she was a monster. And yet here was Milton, opening the car door for her; here was Tessie, inside smiling as Callie climbed in”(432). There is something about family that gives people the obligation to stand by their family members no matter what the situation. Even after Cal runs away from her parents leaving them in New York, his parents don’t get mad at him, all they care about is getting him back home. A family is such an amazing thing, knowing that even if you make a mistake, as long as you have family, you will have someone there to support you. It was amazing what Cal’s father, Milton, went through in the hopes of retrieving Cal from his so called abductor. Milton sacrificed his very own life just so he could bring his whole family back together. To this day I am still amazed that parents will do anything to protect their offspring, and at any cost.

-Jordan Houtby


6 Responses to “Family- a strong bond”

  1. Your essay is very good. It opened a new perseptive of middlesex.

    kevin cunningham

  2. I agree, I feel like family does not have the obligation to stand behind you and what you do or what you’ve become. But that they will no matter what. As you can see in this book!
    -Geri Gabrielson

  3. I really like the quote you used in this because i think it really ties your blog together. I can really see where youre coming from the way you talk about family.

  4. Family truly is amazing. They know us best: what makes us happy, sad, excited.. etc.

    Family does for us, the things that no one else would and I think that happens with Cal. His family truly does care.

    Lori E. Allan

  5. Good choice of the quote to help tie everything together. It truly is amazing what families do for each other.They will always accept you even if you’ve made a mistake in life.


  6. I’ll agree with your comments, Jordan. Your quote selection here is really essential in tying the post together. Nice job. I think it is kind of important to note, though, that not everyone’s family is supportive, right? Those of us who have that should appreciate it.

    ~Jenna G.

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