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Hidden Anger April 19, 2010

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Father Mike wasn’t a prominent character throughout the novel but he quickly became a character of importance at the end of Middlesex. Father Mike seemed to be a calm passive person with a great relationship with God. He was in love with Tessie from the start. And he almost had her but Milton won her over. As time passes, the anger builds up inside of him resulting in Milton’s death. Father Mike symbolizes something a little different. He represents the hidden secrets throughout the novel. Desdemona hides her and Lefty’s brother/sister marriage. Tessie hides her love for Milton for a while until he comes back from the war. Sourmelina gets sent to the United States and married off so that no one finds out about her love for other women. Cal hides her love for the Obscure Object and her genetic situation. Father Mike is still feeling the investment he made in Zoe instead of getting what he wanted, Tessie. “…who married Milton’s sister, Zoe,  instead, a choice that had sentenced him to a life of invidious comparisons, of Zoe always asking why he hadn’t invested in the stock market when Milton had, or bought gold when Milton had…” (Eugenides 504-505).  Father Mike periodically showed himself throughout the novel reminding us of his love for Tessie that still lingered and was kept secret for so many years. Desdemona and Lefty kept their secret until after the death of Lefty and 5 years previous to Desdemona’s death. And the only person that knew about the incest was Cal, who had a secret of her own. Father Mike was a great character in this novel. He represented more than I had thought when I read the ending.

~Alexandria Vintevoghel

*Might use in essay*


3 Responses to “Hidden Anger”

  1. I really enjoyed readin your post. I was also very suprised with the way father Mike turned out. I like how you say that he represents hidden secrets in the novel. It was a very good connection!

    Brittany Cifka

  2. ^^^ I agreethough father mike was not a dominant character im shocked at the way he came out as well!

    -Brittany M Thomas

  3. Very, very good, Alexandria. You can use this if you’d like. I will admit, I’ve even neglected to give Father Mike the credit he deserved as a symbolic character. Great observation.

    ~Jenna G.

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