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If your lucky, you’ll always have your family to fall back on. April 19, 2010

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I think one of the most apparent themes in this book was that of family, and the dynamics of. Not only did it talk about how Cal’s family history affected him, or how his raising by his family had its outcomes, but the fact that family is ALWAYS there. When Desdemona and Lefty first came to America, it was with Family that they stayed. And of course, they were family themselves.  And even when Cal did a horrible thing, running away and worrying his parents to death, Tessie was still there with open arms, waiting to accept whatever it was the Cal chose. Chapter Eleven too. Desdemona herself, although feeling guilty, was accepting of Cal. It all comes down to the love of a family. Tessie thought it was her ” … spiritual conection…” ( Eugenides 463 ) that kept her conected to Cal through those months, a spiritual umbilical cord that kept her in constant connection to Cal, letting her know that Cal was still alive. I think it was her love that kept them connected. And it was love that kept their family together through such a hard time. Most people would fall apart through half of what these people went through. But love is miraculous. It can heal all wounds, mend all breaks, and hold people together like the strongest glue. Family is a very uplifting theme in this book, and so is the love of a family.

AKA Borkowski


6 Responses to “If your lucky, you’ll always have your family to fall back on.”

  1. I totally agree, a relationship with a family member may be one of the hardest relationships to break, no matter what has happened.

    -Jordan Houtby

  2. Love keeps family connected for sure! Completely agree :-]

    ~Alexandria V.

  3. I completely agree family is an important factor in not only the book, but also in life. The bond between family memebers is an interesting and unique bond. These bond are connected through blood and I personally think this is why the bonds are so strong. There are always those feew examples where families fall apart, but overall I think family should be cherished.
    -Arielle K.

  4. I really agree with your entire blog. Family is everything, and often without them, you fall.

    -Caitlin tefend

  5. i honestly agree..if anyone can be there it should be ur family, they are who helps u most with anything you go through

    -Brittany M Thomas

  6. Nice post, AKAB. Several others took this topic and ran with it, but you were the first to touch on the topic of family. Nice job.

    ~Jenna G.

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