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Book Four April 20, 2010

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In Book Four, the final part of the novel, of Jeffery Eugendies’ “Middlesex”, Cal leaves his family and runs away to Berlin because they were going to “cut him up” (Eugenides 516). He is finally on his own and sees himself as “a new creation” (445). Cal’s once feminine side is starting to disappear and his masculinity arises. He “adopted a swagger” that “lots of adolescent boys put on, trying to be manly” and “rarely smiled” (449). At the same time however, at this point in his life he still did not understand everything he was feeling and now and then “fell out of character” (449).  While he was in Berlin, his father drowned and Cal goes back to go to the funeral. Even though he doesn’t go to the funeral because he feels like he’d be a distraction, his family is glad he is home. I think Cal relates to his family members because throughout most of their lives, like Desdemona, he wasn’t sure of himself. He was never confident until he became who he was meant to be- a man. At the end of the novel, he has finally begun to figure out who he is and who he always has been. It seems like deep down inside he always felt he was a man more than a woman. Desdemona as well was not confident in herself until she was married to Lefty. She truly felt beautiful in her corest. Cal felt transformed when he got his hair cut in Berlin. I guess Desdemona’s silver spoon was right all along.

Danielle Harteau

I would like to use some of my points about Cal in this blog for my final essay.


One Response to “Book Four”

  1. Sure, you can use this, Danielle. However, do proofread it. Also, I want to point out that Cal was NOT in Berlin when his dad died or when he got his hair cut, so I would re-visit that section.

    ~Jenna G.

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