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family family family April 20, 2010

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Throughout the entire book, one of the main themes is family, and for a good reason.  The experiences and hardships that Cal’s family has had to endure play a huge role in everything that happens to Cal, whether she knows it or not.  One thing that has never changed in the novel,though, is how much Cal’s parents truly adore her, no matter what Cal thinks of herself or what anyone else thinks.  She is their entire life and nothing in the world can change that.  “In the narrow entryway carved from a former suite, cockeyed, dim, the two of us stood hugging and crying” (Eugenides 438).  Sometimes the smallest things mean the most to people, and the way Cal and her mom stand there hugging as though they will never see each other again is so heartwarming.  Her parents stand behind her in any decision she decides to make and that is true family.  With everything Cal goes through with the diagnosis of Dr. Luce, she needs to have support now more than ever.  Its inspirational to see how her famiy pulls together, even if it means death, to protect each other.  Nothing can replace the love that a mother and father have for their children and that in itself is truly amazing to me.  Her father loses his life essentially trying to save his daughter. I know my parents would do the same for me in a heartbeat and im not sure if i can even fathom that because that is so much feeling to have for one person.

-Breanna Perez


2 Responses to “family family family”

  1. This post is deep. Haha. But I think you make some really good points. I completely agree with your description of true family. It is a crazy thing to think about just how much family can really care about you.

    Nayeli Garza.

  2. Nice post, Breanna. I hope everyone’s family would be as understanding as yours and Cal’s.

    ~Jenna G.

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