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Family will always be there April 20, 2010

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As Callie learns that she was born as a boy she tries to run away from her past. But what she doesn’t realize is that her past follows her and it is not her fault she was born both a boy and girl. The chromosome defiency because Lefty and Desdemona had children when they were brother and sister. Also Milton and Tessie were also cousins making the chances of genetic mutations higher caused Callie to turn out the way she did. Callie runs from something that will always follow her. She ends up in California and meets Zora who happens to have the same genetic mutation as her, “though XY like me, she had developed along female lines” (Eugenides 487). She learns a lot in the fact that this type of mutation has been around since Plato. As she lives with Zora she becomes somebody older than she really is. A few days go by and the police eventually find Callie and she calls home from jail. This is the moment when she knew her family would always be on her side and that she was really missing them. But the cost of having her family come find her was Milton’s life. Her dad cared about her so much that he gave up his own life for her. This shows how her family will stand by her no matter what even during the time when they found out she was born a boy. Also they stood by her during the time when she had run away. This is a true family bond that they were there for her no matter how hard it was. Callie changed her identity to try and hide from it but it wasn’t long before she couldn’t take it anymore.



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  1. Good, you touch on several topics relevant to the class here, Olivia. Do you think that Cal has realized that you can’t run away from the past by the end of the book, as narrated from Berlin?

    ~Jenna G.

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