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I can transform ya. April 20, 2010

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The fourth book of Middlesex basically goes through Cal’s transformation from woman to man. This book reveals many secrets like finding out about Cals real gender to Desdemonda telling Cal about the incest and why he is the way he is from that.  Cals transformation was not an easy one. He had to constantly be thinking like and boy and telling himself to act like one to. “Like a stroke victim, I was having to relearn all the simple motor skills.” (Eugenides 441)  I think that this quote really defines what Cal had to do to become a man. He needed to learn to talk the talk and walk the walk. Cal was always concerned if someone was to start to think he wasn’t really a boy. He didn’t want anyone to find out what was going on inside of him. He had to overdo the whole manly thing. “Like a convert to a new religion, I overdid it at first.” (Eugenides 449) Cal felt like in order for no one to find out he had to play the male role to the tee. He bought a suit and carried around a briefcase to get more into character. Cal explains it best by saying that the swagger he was trying to put on was not that much different from other teenage boys trying to act more manly. I believe this statement to be very true. I remember back in school when the boys would try to act way older then they were to impress the girls. Most people will think the overacting is rediculous but in Cals mind that was the only way to kind of trick himself and other people into believing  he was a man.

Brittany Cifka


6 Responses to “I can transform ya.”

  1. I like the quote you used. It seemed that Cal did have to be reprogrammed. After years of being a girl, it was harder than he thought to simply leave all that in the past.
    -Arielle K.

  2. Cal definitely wanted to be completed viewed as a male. I thought it was funny when he said that women walk with their hips and males walk with their shoulders.

    -Lori E. Allan

  3. I agree that Cal “overdoing” the male gender role was the only way for him to convince himself the he really was a man. It is easy to understand that an insecurity is displayed through this act, and even easier to understand why he had that insecurity.

    -Jake Morse

  4. I do agree that everyone and every teenager is trying to put on a front. I agree with Lori when you said woman walk with their hips and men with their shoulders!
    -caitlin tefend

  5. I like how you said that he was trying to put on a swagger like most other boys do as teengers. I think male and female teenager put on their own forms of swagger to figure out who they want to be.

    Danielle Harteau

  6. Nice post, Brittany. I chuckled at the title. And nice comments from everyone else. Your reference to re-learning like a stroke victim reminds me, too, of Lefty and how he had learn simple tasks over again and communicate via chalkboard.

    ~Jenna G.

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