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man to woman, woman to man. April 20, 2010

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Throughout the book Callie related more to her mother, than to her father. Her mother seemed to understand her needs and help her through her hardtimes when she was between genders. In book 4, it is all about fourteen year old Callie going to a clinic to complete her transformation from a girl to a boy. Her parents took her, and felt it was the right thing to do at the time. Little did they know, Callie wanted no part of the operation soon to follow. She ran away and made a new life and disguised herself with short hair and boyish figure. Her parents were distraught and blamed Dr. Luce who was meeting with Callie regularly and who would perform the operation. Callie’s parents claimed that Dr. Luce must have scared Callie. Milton and Tessie did everything possible to get Callie back. Callie finally came back when Milton died, and nothing from then on will ever be the same. She came back to question Desdemona and her family for their past, and her present today. I feel that throughout the book, Callie related most to her mother because her mother tried to understand her, and not question her as an experiment. Milton seemed more cautious around Callie and didn’t really know how to react to her. It wasn’t until later in the book when Milton and Callie began to connect. Milton treated her like a human being, and loved her none the less. Tessie blamed herself later on for Callie’s problem. “Was it her fault? Should she have resisted Milton when he tried to bend nature to his will?” (Eugenides 423). Desdemona may have caused it. Her and Lefty with the incest issue. Milton and Tessie being cousins. What truly caused the genetic mixup in Callie? It was all of that combined. They all contributed to Callie’s Chromosomal messup. I feel that Callie is her own person, just like you or I aren’t anyone else. Callie isn’t like anyone, because nobody she relates to is like her. She tries to relate to other people, but there is always something they cannot relate to. Her running away was the last time she was ever milton and tessie’s daughter. She is now a he, and somewhat happy with her decision.

-Caitlin Tefend


3 Responses to “man to woman, woman to man.”

  1. I like your blog! I also agree that Cal’s family history might have contributed to Cal’s “chormosomal messup”.

    Danielle Harteau

  2. I like how at the end you connected how she went from a girl to a boy to not being Milton and Tessie’s daughter anymore.


  3. OK, Caitlin. Nice post. I agree with you that it is the unique combination of things that created Cal. I wonder, do you think that Cal’s problems finding someone to relate to are similar to any of ours? After all, we are all “different” from one another, right?

    ~Jenna G.

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