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relationships strengthened April 20, 2010

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Each generation involved in Cal’s life show what i feel to be what would have been very typical responses to those generations in their times upon learning Cal’s change to a man. While all three generations, her mother brother and grandmother, showed Cal the same amount of acceptance and care, they all had their separate reasons. Desdemona’s response is almost a relief to her when she realizes that it was Cal in her guest room the morning of the funeral. Immediately Desdemona understands what had happened genetically and blames it upon herself. “I’m sorry honey. I’m sorry this happen to you” (Eugenidies 529). Cals brother seems to enjoy having a brother, constantly joking with each other. Cal claims “it was a lucky thing that my brother had taken so much LSD as he had” as she explained he had a “personality this prepared” (Eugenidies 516). Cal’ mother showed her acceptance of Cal’s change by not having any major changes in their relationship. I feel that through these different reasons of acceptance, Cal’s relationships with her mother brother and grandmother were all strengthened. They all can relate to each other in a brand new and different way that seems to be just as positive as it was before Cal ran away. Everyone except Milton that is. I got the sense that Cal was almost relieved that he didnt have to face the new relationship with his father. I dont sense any real sadness or remorse in any of what she says upon hearing the news.

Nick Vecellio


One Response to “relationships strengthened”

  1. This is good stuff, Nick. I agree with everything you present here. Nice work.

    ~Jenna G.

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