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Stephanides Family Identity April 20, 2010

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The family history of the past three generations before Cal was more than significant in the role of determining his future. As a result of their decisions, Cal’s grandparents and parents caused Cal to face a lifetime filled with various emotions. Although Cal was apart of the Stephanides family he was much different, not only sexually but in his outlook towards life and those around him. There are many examples in the text that show how Cal was viewed by others but I thought that the most significant were those including his parents. In book two Cal describes his sexual differences and also tells of how Milton saw it in his eyes as he says, ” My father was even more squeamish. In the rare times he diapered me or gave me a bath, Milton studiously averted his eyes”. (Eugenedies 226) I believe this helps to explain the avoiding of reality that both Milton and Tessie portray throughout the text. Another important area of the novel is discussed in book four when Cal states “My parents had at first refused to believe the emergency room doctor’s wild claim about my anatomy.” (Eugenides 401) Cal’s parents had chosen to deny the truth, just as they had been for so many years suppressing reality. Milton and Tessie were fully conscious of their decision when they chose to have children just as Lefty and Desdemona, but each were blinded by emotions and the control of what they thought was true love. Cal was so much different than everyone else I think they were  confused on who he really was. He was born with  both genital characteristics but Cal was still a real person, therefore the choice is to look beyond what our eyes can see and then we can understand what lies inside.

Raymond L.


2 Responses to “Stephanides Family Identity”

  1. Ray, your point about denial is a good one. Not everyone notices this. Nice post.

    ~Jenna G.

  2. Also, Ray, I have your post but no comments for you. If you’d like to do so before tomorrow I can give you credit. But it will require you to email me the links to the posts you commented on, K?

    ~Jenna G.

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