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Welcome back silver spoon. April 21, 2010

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I like how family is a reoccurring theme in Middlesex. Family is something almost everyone can relate to or at least have some knowledge as to what family is. Throughout the lives of Cal’s family, someone was always there for someone else. All the way through the craziness the family endured, no one was ever left in the dark. Cal’s family was accepting and loving, always. Incest was an interesting topic in “Book 1” but now I think it is special how they kept the love they had for one another in the family. When Cal was undergoing the studies with Dr. Luce, Tessie and Milton were so encouraging. Granted they were just as confused as Cal they never once allowed Cal to think there was something terribly wrong with him. I think Tessie was more afraid than ever about what Dr. Luce had to say but that only brought her closer to her son, Cal. For as long as family will be around then so will traditions. I think family itself is a tradition. The closeness of family comes from traditions and old tales. “She was smiling. And then she said, ‘My spoon was right’” (Eugenides 527). It may not have been seen at first but Desdemona was right all along. She was always right when it came to her spoon. She was the one who predicted what each family had in store. Desdemona moved to Detroit with her husband to start a family and when her son was ready to start a family Desdemona was there foreshadow the life her grandchild.

*I would like to use some of this for my final essay.

Nayeli Garza.


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  1. Hey, Nayeli. I DID send you two emails about this. It’s fine.

    ~Jenna G.

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