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What Hides In Plain View. January 27, 2010

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Detroit itself has always had a large collection of subcaltures and occult followings. From the early days of voodoo to todays more recent fixation with the supernatural, none of these things are at all hard to find within the city limits. Why, they barely hide at all, but linger just under the sunny surface of everyday life. They are not ashamed, they are not afraid. Why, they are proud to be different. They are proud to stand out from the normal everyday. And all you have to do to get a little insight into this semi-dangerous, unruly, wildside of Detroit, is open your eyes and actually look.

One big epicenter of this not so underground world is the Leland City Club. Right in the center of downtown stands the once famous, four story Luxury LeLand Hotel. While it used to be the home of  elegant penthouses and delicious restaurants, it now houses one of the best known collection of eclectic people you can find.

And I say eclectic lightly. City Club is where you will find a vast amount of people, ranging from innocent by standers to goths. From wiccans to mad scientists. Self proclaimed vampires and experimentalists. Tarot cards are read to you while waiting in line for the bathroom. Fake fangs are applied in front of the mirrors. Smiles are flashed, dancing is done, and nothing is ever predictable.

At the bar, on the dance floor, in the bathroom, or plush lounge area’s. Yes, on all four floors you’ll find something that will get your adrenalin pumping. You’ll be torn between your fight, flight, and let go and have fun reactions. Its a special part of Detroit that shows exactly how many different types of people populate the city.

Not that I’ve ever been. =] Because I am soooo perfectly normal. lol


Cross My Heart.


The City of Detroit

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To me, Detroit is a busy city filled with culture, art and potential. I have lived in Ferndale, Michigan all my life, which is five to ten mintues away from Detroit. Ever since I was little, my family has always been close to this city. Most of my family grew up here so I always hear the usual “Back in my day..” or “When I was your age..”. My parents recognize that the city has changed greatly since they were young and they think it is a shame that the city has not reached its’ true potential. Of course I am aware of the fact that yes, there are certain neighborhoods where you cannot simply stroll down the street by yourself, but there are good and bad areas in every city. Unfortunately, I feel that the media is somewhat responsible for Detroit’s reputation. There are so many good things that the media never reconizes such as the DIA and the Detroit Zoo. I have also noticed throughout the hundrerds of times I have been downtown, the beautiful churches that seem to sit quietly at the corner of every other block. Each church has its’ own style and history which I think gives it personality and no church’s architecture is alike. Not only are these houses of faith miraculous but there are a few areas of historical homes which I could probably stare at all day (I’m curious what they look on the inside too). Without a doubt, the architects of Detroit “intended for an emotional reaction” (Silverman and Radar 481) as folks gaze in awe of the magificent detail and time put into these works of art. However, I have noticed that in some empty lots of rubbish lie half burnt down, worn out homes that just sit there as we all drive by, which is upsetting to me because I think these worn out houses remind me of our city- all Detroit really needs is a little (probably more than a little) tender loving  care that could maybe be the start of the this city becoming alive again. We just need to take time out of our hectic lives to make a heartfelt effort to show people how fascinating our city really is.

Danielle Harteau



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I have lived in the city of Detroit for ten years. It was a great place to live but, a terrible place to attend school. The city has a lot of activities to offer such as there annual Auto Shows at Cobo Hall or the Jazz festivalat Chene Park. Therefore, have many auditoriums such as the Fox, that is well suited for entertainment. It is a place of various activities and events, that attracts residents and non residents of Detroit. Various forms of entertainment are always avalible such as concerts,plays,sports games, etc.  However, not all aspects of the city is great. For example, the school systems are corrupt. The city needs to make more effort to hire more qualified educators and provide more updated resources. The resource they have now are a disadvantage to the students of DPS schools. A majority of the students who are using these outdated resources are having trouble mastering basic skills, and doing well on standarized test. Another issue that Detroit faces is the low percentage of registered voters. If more individuals in Detroit would register to vote, a lot of issuses and scandels can be avoided.Therfore, the city funding would be used towards other resouces  to help the city instead of causing harm. Many funds would not be wasted, as a result of poor investments.Detoit in my opinion is a great place to live,but the city needs to start making improvements if they do not want to loose residents.



Detroit: My City, My Home, My Love

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Detroit to me is an amazing place, not only to live, but simply to be. I have lived and grown up in the city of Detroit and I am more than proud to let people know. There isn’t any other place I would rather be. There is a stereotype surround Detroit and the people who live her such as we are ghetto, loud, unruly, and mean. Of and don’t forget dangerous. However, I’ve never experience anything out of the ordinary in my life so far. Maybe I am just lucky, which it could be, or maybe it’s just that as outsiders the perception is a little skewed. Don’t get me wrong a lot does go on in Detroit. There are murders, drugs, and shootings. These things can be found in any city around the world. However, Detroit is pin-pointed as just being horrible and a place you don’t want to live. I’m proud to call Detroit home and I wish others felt the same way. Aside from the bad side of Detroit, there are many great things and places throughout the city. We take what is public space and make it into our own (Silverman & Rader 482). I can proudly say that I am to the Detroit Lions, Red Wings, and Tigers. I suppose the Pistons can be included too, even though they aren’t even located in Detroit, but in Auburn Hills. Regardless of whether we having winning or losing teams, those are my teams and I will continue to cheer them on. There are many fun, yet educational places to visit and see, such as the Main Library, African American Museum, the Art Museum, and the Detroit Science Center. For entertainment there are such places as the Opera House, DSO, Max Fisher, and the amazing Fox Theater. With all that there is to do anyone in Detroit should never have a dull moment. You can go on a date to the River Walk or just ride the people mover around and around. My personal favorite thing to do in the winter time is to go down to Campus Martius and ice skate. As a matter of fact, I once even spent my snow day from school ice skating in the middle of a snow storm. For as little as $10 you can also go and ice skate downtoen and have  blast. Feel free to visit the website for more info (http://www.campusmartiuspark.org/amen_icerink.htm).  If ice skating isn’t really your choice hobby, there is always Northland Roller Rink or Detroit Roller Wheels for roller skating. There are many parks and recreational places to hang out and enjoy the outdoors. I love Belle Isle. There truly is a lot to do in the city of Detroit. You just have to find something you like and go do it. Detroit maybe on the “dangerous” side, but it’s not to the point where you constantly live in fear. I know I don’t. I enjoy myself, my life, and my time here in Detroit. Detroit is my home. It’s the only home I know and I will forever be proud of my city. 

-Arielle K.


Detroit as a city January 26, 2010

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When I was younger, I was always told mixed stories about Detroit. It seemed that all that was associated with the city was negative except when my parents were younger. My mother lived here when she was younger, and my grandfather was a Detroit cop. When she was younger, she said that Detroit was so nice. She told me that nothing bad really happened, and she was so happy in Detroit as a child. She told me that it all went bad once the riots of ’67 came. “The origins of urban unrest in Detroit were rooted in a multitude of political, economic, and social factors including police abuse, lack of affordable housing, urban renewal projects, economic inequality, black militancy, and rapid demographic change. ”  (http://www.67riots.rutgers.edu/d_index.htm). I look up to my mother so much, so therefore I just took her word for it as Detroit was now a dangerous city. Whenever we travled through here for red wings games or even just downtown to eat, displays of creativity were everywhere. It seemed that some areas were run down or filled with graffiti. I always thought that graffiti was a gang symbol, but now that I am older, I realize that it is just a sign of creativity. Humans love to personalize their things and it makes them feel like they have a say in certain choices because they made  it their own (Silverman and Rader 481). I believe now that graffiti is a sign of expression that people in Detroit are often unable to express. When I was completing my applications to college (which took so long), I did not even know that the University of Detroit Mercy exsisted. I was looking at the schools that everyone looks at such as MSU, U of M, and big ten schools like that. My aunt actually went here to U of D and she was the one who told me to look at it. When I applied and go accepted and visited, I knew I wanted to go there. It had one of the top nursing schools in the state, and it was small enough for me since I came from a small school. When I started to tell people where I was going people just assumed the worst, and always told me to be careful. My mother told me where not to go and never go alone. I was so afraid for the first month of school, but now I am quite used to Detroit and the city itself. I think Detroit is so interesting. It has such old architecture, incredible stories, and fun facts about the city. I love it here and I love to go and explore the city and the outskirts of it as well, and I think the city has even made me more rounded and smart as a person.

-Caitlin Tefend 🙂