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So? February 16, 2010

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I, for one, do not have a problem with homosexuals, transgenders, or whatever else people claim they are. I do think it is unmoral to be homosexual, however, I ain’t the one that’s homosexual so why should it bother me any? I don’t care if they get married or do anything that other people would consider “wrong.” Its their only shot at life and if they want to live it like this and be happy why stop their pursuit of happiness? I also have a lot of homosexual friends and one transgender friend and they are really cool people. There ain’t nothing wrong with any of them. One of the is Catholic which is a little odd but is his choice, not the church’s choice. One of my gay friends isn’t flamboyantly gay like he is supposed to be according to the stereotypes for gay men. “We are all aware of the stereotypes surrounding gender: Women are better communicators, men are stronger; men like powertools, women like chick flicks” (Silverman and Rader, 429). One of my gay friends is into chick flicks and isn’t very strong, but I feel he is confused about what to do as a gay man so he tries to follow the stereotype. Another gay friend is pretty strong (stronger than me) and doesn’t like power tools, but also don’t really like chick flicks. Just because he is stronger than me, does that make me gay? In conclusion, I accept all my homosexual friends for what they are, people, just like the rest of us.

-Jeffrey Senecal


Boys like girls..or do they?

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There used to be just boy and girl. The little boys played with their Hot Wheels and the little girls played with their barbies. But that’s when we were young and naive. Now, we’re older and there is more than just the 2 genders. There are boys, girls, hemaphrodites, gays, lesbians, boys that were girls, girls that were boys, and so on. For the people that aren’t just the generic boy or girl, life is a bit harder and it shouldn’t be. They are people just like everyone else. So why should it matter if a boy likes another boy? We already have built up assumptions about genders before we really even thought about what gender is (Silverman 428). Society is so set on the ordinary that anything outside of it, is shunned.  Americans tend to be polarized between social and religious conservatives and liberals/progressives (http://www.religioustolerance.org/chr_sex.htm). Religion is a huge factor when it comes to homosexuality especially. Religions belive that only the opposite gender is moral and should be married. I personally believe that you can’t help who you’re in love with. And if you love someone of the same sex, then you should be able to be married to them. I had a good friend in high school that changed from a girl to a guy during our senior year. People made fun of him saying he was a lesbian. They talked behind his back saying some pretty rude comments. And honestly, it bothered the crap out of me because people didn’t know the facts. He was born with both parts and the parents had to pick. Unfortunately, they picked the wrong one. But to me, whether he was Katelyn or Eric, he was still the same person, and that’s really all that matters.

Alexandria Vintevoghel


Knock Knock. Who’s there? IDK!

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Sexuality is the physical, born with attributes that classify you as either a man or woman. Although, we are born as a specific sex many of us do not stay true to who we are supposed to be. Gender has been defined by society as a role we must play and abide by. However, I do not believe many people actually follow the “rules”. There are so many people who have challenged society by following their own paths. “It is not enough for a man to be male; he also has to appear masculine. A woman, in addition to being female, must also be feminine”( http://www2.hu-berlin.de/sexology/ATLAS_EN/html/the_social_roles_of_men_and_wo.html). Men are said to be strong, tall, dark & handsome. Women are supposed to be petite, sensitive, elegant and graceful. When it comes to switching roles it seems like it is harder for a guy. A guy is most likely to be made fun of for doing ballet, figure skating, or gymnastics; versus a girl who can play football, basketball, hockey without a word said. Just because we are born with certain body parts, it doesn’t mean we are not allowed to act the opposite of who we are (Silverman & Rader 429). There is this guy I went to school with and his little sister is a total tom boy. She dresses like a boy and plays on the boy’s football team. Yet, she is STILL a girl. It’s funny though because she always gets mistaken for a boy and so many girls think she is so cute. So, when they find out she’s actually a girl they freak out! It’s pretty funny. She is definitely a sweet girl though so it makes no difference how she acts. The roles do not only apply to the younger generation. The most common stereotype for men and woman is a housewife with tons of kids and the man is the one who works and supports the family. However, that has changed so much. There are so many women who are getting big corporate jobs and supporting their families. When it comes to starting a family and man typically is expected to be the most dominant. So, when a man decides to be the stay at home parent it’s like what the heck?! But really what does it even matter? The roles that society has defined for both sexualities have been challenged by each generation.

Nayeli Garza


Battle of the Sexes February 15, 2010

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I’m a female, which all of you should know by now. I did play with barbies when I was a little girl and I loved playing dress up. As I grew up I began to play with the boys. I went through the whole tom boy stage. I wore baggy clothes, my hair in a pony tail, and never ever wanted to take a bath. I loved hanging out with the boys and being different than all of the other girls. Now that I look back on this I always thought I went through this awkward stage because I wanted to be different than my twin sister, but really a lot of girls do it. I never viewed this as strange or anything in that nature, I just seen it as normal. What I don’t understand about society is if a boy were to go through a stage where he loved getting dolled up and acting like a girl, more than likely his parents would become worried. Why? Who cares? “The damage done to the personality of a homosexual man because of continuing societal attitudes, easily explains why numerous gay men seek psychological counseling” (http://www.amazon.com/Being-Homosexual-Gay-Their-Development/dp/0374528217). I think that everyone has the right to explore all aspects of life even if it is from the other sex’s point of view. Being curious or being different doesn’t make you weird. If it does make you weird then 99.9% of the population would be labeled as weird. A lot of people hide the way they want to express themselves because it is different and they know they would be treated different because of it. In The World Is a Text it explains how popular culture effects the way we view one another. There are preconceptions about gender that come from billboards, television, and other types of media that persuade us to think what is normal and what is not. If someone breaks these ideas or stereotypes we view it as abnormal and/or strange (Silverman and Rader 430). People should be comfortable acting the way they want and we should not judge them solely on this.

-Geri Gabrielson


Double Standards are STUPID!

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Gender and Sexuality are two totally different things. Sexuality has to do with the physical biologically aspect. However, according to our textbook gender is “built, invented, and created” (Silverman & Rader 428). You are born either male or female (sexuality) and then however you are raised “constructs” your gender.  This is when the whole gender role thing comes about. Gender roles are the things that women and men are supposed to do according to what is right with society. Little boys are supposed to play with cars, balls, and action figures. Little girls are supposed to play with Barbie dolls and other dolls, cooking sets, and play dress up. Society makes its wrong for little boys to even pick up a doll, but its ok for little girls to play with action figures. There are many stereotypes about what women should do and what men should do and anything outside of those stereotypes are “wrong” according to society. Women are tradition supposed to be the housewives and cook, clean, and take care of the children. There isn’t anything wrong with doing this, but this isn’t all that women can do. The people who influences us the most about our gender roles are those closest to us, mothers, fathers, and other family members and care takers (Silverman & Rader 430). As we grow up, we observe our parents and other care takers and since this is all we know, we assume that this is the normal of what we as men and women are supposed to do. There is a big double standard in society where boys and men are superior to girls and boys. It is believed that women can’t do the same things that men can do, which is extremely false. In today’s 21 century society, women can do just as much as men can do and in some cases women can do even better than men. The one that I find to be the crazy is the double standard about dating, being players, and sex. I don’t understand why it is okay for anybody male or female to cheat and play someone of the opposite sex. However, for some reason it is acceptable for a boy to be a player and switch from girl to girl, but if a girl does the same thing they get talked about and called hoes. Girls aren’t allowed to date as early as boys, which I never understand because if the boys are dating at younger ages than girl who are these boys going to date. The thing about sex doesn’t make sense either. For some strange reason society seems to always make it seem like its ok for boys to have sex, but they show the exact opposite for girl. On many movies and TV shows, they always showing the dad or father figure having “the talk” with the teenage boy telling him that its ok for them to have sex and it will the mom or mother figure telling the daughter that they shouldn’t have sex and they should wait for marriage. Once again, who are these boys who are being encouraged to have sex supposed to ha v e sex with. I was once told that girls should hold themselves to a higher standard. However, my thought on this is that everyone should hold their selves to a high standard. According to society it is more acceptable and even glorified for a boy to lose his virginity at a young age. Boys are even referred to as “the man” when this happens. Girls on the other hand who lose their virginity at a young are shamed, ridiculed, and called names such as slut, whore, or hoe. The outrageous double standard of the world is unbelievable. I personally think that if a boy wants to play with a doll, it is okay. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, I believe that a boy who plays with dolls or stuffed animals will make good and nurturing fathers someday. I think the society adds unnecessary pressures to life, but no matter how close to equal we get the equality between men and woman will never be the same.

-Arielle K.